Tuesday, September 10, 2019 (7.30-9.30PM)

Multisala Rivoli

Piazza Bra, 10

37121 Verona

7.30-9.30PM / 19.30-21.30


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Positive (France) by Hadi Moussally

POSITIVE is a film and photo series starring three people with special skin conditions. Putting a spotlight on albinism and vitiligo through negative editing , the project aims to raise awareness of these skin conditions and the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination those with albinism and vitiligo face. By allowing the negative to empower the positive, Hadi Moussally highlights our similarities, rather than our differences.

Duration: 00:01:30

Temptation (Russian Federation)

by Ivan Arkhipov

Information overload swallows you up like unconscious experience. Natural purity can pull you out, but people keep searching for a new experience to drown in. Civilization attracts and lures. Soul screams, accumulated inner stench and horror erupting out. By turning back to pristine purity person could find something giant and beautiful.

Duration: 00:05:23

Driving Ms. Saudi (United States)

by Walid Chaya

As of 2018, women are finally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by this news, a son must help his Saudi mother put her future in drive when she panics in the drivers seat for the first time.

Duration: 00:02:00

l'Affitto (Italy) by Antonio  Miorin

"Angela and Luca have always been together, for better or for worse but now, evil, forces them to look for a way out: a rent contract will be the beginning of a new life"

Duration: 00:07:06

Your Eyes, Will I Ever (France)

by Félicien Colmet Daâge

In a house lost in the middle of the desert a man sees his girlfriend gradually transform into a butterfly.

Duration: 00:04:22

023_GRETA_S (Germany) by Annika Birgel

A young actress' audition quickly spirals out of control, turning into  an intimate and manipulative interrogation. As she fights to stand her ground, one pressing question will remain: how far will she go to get the role? 023_GRETA_S is a disquieting drama about the abuse of power in the film industry.

Duration: 00:11:59

Deternity (Austria)

by Mersolis Schöne, Evi Jägle

"Hey you! Watch out! What does the deep midnight say?" "Deternity" is an experimental poetic short film exploring Friedrich Nietzsche's poem „Once More“ (also called "The Drunken Song" from the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"). By using a combination of performance and projection techniques, the film depicts a protagonist being confronted with his own psychological dilemmas in a scene dominated by alternating light and shadows.

Duration: 00:02:45

The Prince of Ostia Bronx (Italy)

by Raffaele Passerini

Warning: This film is designed for those people who have failed at least once in their lives.

Dario, the Prince, and Maury, the Countess, are two actors rejected by the academic theater and cinema, so, they decide to transfer their imaginary stage on the gay nudist beach of Capocotta, near Ostia, Rome. In a world obsessed with reality shows, the Prince and the Countess are here, on this very beach, free to be the absolute protagonists of their improvised sketches, a magical and safe place, where life mixes with art and creativity becomes an antidote to an absent audience. Until one day a director comes, and the shooting of the film can begin.

Failure becomes a parody that can make, anyone who wants to join, a Prince or a Countess, at least for a day.

Duration: 01:15:00

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