Tuesday, September 7, 2021 (20:00-22:00)

Multisala Rivoli

Piazza Bra, 10

37121 Verona

8-10PM / 20:00-22:00

This screening session features 5 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

Free tickets

Reserving tickets for this screening is no longer possible, but more free tickets are available at Multisala Rivoli starting at 19:00.


COVID-19 notice

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Quaranta cavalli (Italy) by Luca Ciriello.jpg

Quaranta cavalli (Italy) by Luca Ciriello


'Quaranta cavalli' tells of the summer trips of a group of kids from Chioggia, their dreams on the water and their expectations. Stefanin, the protagonist, is a young handyman who at 16 repairs engines and goes clam fishing. On summer evenings, to have fun, he goes out with all his friends on small boats with 40 horsepower engines, loud reggaeton music and decorative LED lights. Sometimes they go to the lagoon to court the girls waiting for them on the quay, other times they make a bridge of boats and bet on who will fish the most the following day. A world made of illusions, irony and energy, but also of dreams and hopes for one's future. Running time: 00:09:59


Helfer (Hungary) by Anna Szöllősi.jpg

Helfer (Hungary) by Anna Szöllősi


'Helfer' is about a young woman who is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She seeks out a helper, who offers an alternative solution, but in the process she must confront her greatest fears. The film details their relationship in a surreal world through symbolic events. Running time: 00:09:45


Syncope (Iran) by Toraj Heybati.jpg

Syncope (Iran) by Toraj Heybati


A 19-year-old boy is married to a 12-year-old girl. At the wedding night the young girl suffers a seizure. The boy does not know how to solve this problem and asks his older brother for help. Running time: 00:13:49

Madonne (Italy) by Maurizio Lombardi.jpg

Madonne (Italy) by Maurizio Lombardi


Love doesn't define, love endures. What happens if in a tram two teenagers decide to fall in love? Running time: 00:06:00

Fortress (Italy) by Ludovica Andò, Emiliano Aiello.jpg

Fortress (Italy) by Ludovica Andò, Emiliano Aiello


Entirely filmed inside the Civitavecchia House of Detention, with the protagonists and co-authors the prisoners themselves, 'Fortezza' is the reinterpretation of one of the most important novels of the '900: The Desert of the Tartars by Dino Buzzati. Three soldiers arrive in a solitary military garrison without lacking any defensive function. Here time is firm and marked by strict regulations, dynamics of power, leisure and ingrained habits. In the vain expectation of an enemy who will not come, the soldiers consume themselves between the need to make sense of their permanence and resist to the attraction that this place operates on them. Running time: 01:12:00