Wednesday, September 11, 2019 (7.30-9.30PM)

Multisala Rivoli

Piazza Bra, 10

37121 Verona

7.30-9.30PM / 19.30-21.30


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Waiting for Jupiter (France) by Agathe Riedinger

Liane, a 21-year-old girl, has just learnt that she was cast to be part of a reality TV show. Certain that her life will finally start, she burns everything surrounding her to embrace this long-awaited shake-up.

Duration: 00:22:53

Carro (United States) by Gustavo Rosa

An undocumented Brazilian immigrant living in the Boston area decides to buy a car in an effort to better his life before returning home.

Duration: 00:12:00

The Bridge (Italy) by Adriano Davi

Foster Home. Two boys are given a job to carry out a commission. On their return, they find a detour, due to work-in- progress, which takes them into areas unknown to them in the city. Trying to find their home, and by meeting various characters, they will learn to collaborate.

Duration: 00:17:59

First Kiss (United Kingdom) by Ali Aschman

One night at the beach. A reflection on the complex trauma of being a teenage girl.

Duration: 00:01:52

Risorse umane (Italy) by Giovanni Conte

For two candidates, the job interview is quite demanding. Sometimes the results can be unexpected

Duration: 00:07:00

Fake News (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris

A YouTuber and her partner are planning to direct the raping of a girl by two black guys. Their goal is to get more subscribers on their YouTube channel. However, on the day of the shooting things don’t go as planned.

Duration: 00:15:00

The Bibcocks' Incursion (United States)

by Alvin Joo

A man pushed to brink...while up against a three bathroom sinks.

Duration: 00:05:45

(s)words (Italy) by Federico Di Corato

Vivaldi, barely into her teens, is already a former promising fencer. Suddenly incapable of winning, she is made by her mother to watch video footage of herself: her fencing competitions are taped over home movies of the last family holiday before her parents split up, when she was still a little girl. Due to a technical glitch in the device, the past resurfaces in the form of enigmatic fragments. A scrap of footage she herself shot as a child will reveal a secret that had been kept from her until now, forcing her to confront her passage to adulthood head on.

Duration: 00:30:00

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