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Screening Schedule

Tuesday, 5 September 2023


This screening session features 7 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Questa sera saranno proiettati 7 film in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese.


Multisala Rivoli

Piazza Bra, 10

37121 Verona

Free tickets:

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the cinema starting at 19:30 before each screening.

I posti in sala saranno dati a chi si presenta per primo a partire dalle ore 19:30 del giorno della proiezione.

White Noise on Black Background

Pit Stop (Italy) by Beatrice Piazzetti


Synopsis: Mother and daughter on a journey towards the girl's independence. A cautious mother who observes and tries to empathise even though she is not sure how best to act. An 'adult mask' worn by the insecure daughter who struggles against herself for a new life. A road trip punctuated by nostalgic memories and unspoken words, perhaps a break can put things right. Running time: 00:11:43.


Aunt Valeria (Italy) by Marta Specolizzi, Sarah Emilie Lillie Bergen


Synopsis: "Che buffa, la zia Valeria" is a short film that tells the story of Valeria Specolizzi, a lesbian woman who grew up in Salento - a region in Southern Italy - in the seventies and eighties. The film works with memory and queer genealogy while exploring the social environment of Salento in that time period. The narrator, Marta Specolizzi, is Valeria's niece and through the film, she recounts her memories with and of Valeria. Running time: 00:05:27.

Heavy Load.jpg

Heavy Load (Austria) by Tobias Pichler




Synopsis: When a female truck driver meets a colleague at a truckstop their encounter only seems brief. When they meet again by coincidence, she realises that she has to leave her past behind, at all costs. Running time: 00:13:19.

Before Pandemic and War, There Were Bed Bugs and Love!.jpg

Before Pandemic and War, There Were Bed Bugs and Love! (Lithuania) by Nuruzzaman Khan


Synopsis: He was filming her. They were dreaming of living together between Bangladesh and Lithuania. They were dreaming to make films together, to open a 5 meals restaurant and to adopt orphans. Now he looks back at his life and his broken love relationship. Running time: 0:17:00.


Supurbia (Norway) by Alexander Gudmestad




Synopsis: While his neighbors, friends and family all prepare for an emission-free Constitution Day celebration, Gunnar struggles to cope with life in the materialistic suburbs of Norway. “Supurbia” is a satirical slice of Norway’s new-wealth middle class and their unspoken rules for achieving the perfect life. Running time: 0:15:00.

Story of a lunch break.jpg

Story of a Lunch Break (Italy) by Marco Del Mastro


Synopsis: A worker is waiting for an important phone call during his lunch break. Running time: 00:05:37.

I Am Not The One I Am.jpg

I Am Not The One I Am (Belgium) by Luna Brusselaers Srsen


Synopsis: A lost woman was found on an island in the Adriatic Sea. Dehydrated, with wounds on her face and without remembering anything. At its core, 'I Am Not The One I Am' is a character study of a woman trying to liberate herself whilst being held back by known social conventions and control of the people around her, believing or not believing the woman’s story. Amnesia tries to resist all attempts to explore the truth. Running time: 00:20:02.

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