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29 August - 14 September 2023

As of 2023, our festival adds the 'OFF ON' selection to the line-up. This special section is available for streaming only. Streaming on from 29 August to 14 September 2023.

Where I'm From.jpg

Where I'm From (Canada) by Sina Nazarian




Synopsis: The dreams of two artists become synchronized as they attempt to face their inner shadows and unmask their true selves. Running time: 00:29:45.

5 Seasons - a journey.jpg

5 Seasons - A Journey (Germany) by Katja Sallay




Synopsis: In the shimmering summer heat, Greta, a Jewish Hungarian mother of three announces that she's terminally ill with cancer. For her children Miki, Bina and Ali, not only their family but their whole world falls apart. They fall like colorful autumn leaves and only pull themselves together to accompany Greta on her last journey. They are joined by a Hungarian doctor, Melina, who is on her own journey of emancipating herself from her tyrannical father, and also trying to start a family of her own with Miki and Ali’s father, Greta’s ex husband Josef. For one heartbeat death unites them all. But a harsh winter pushes them apart like snowflakes; everybody suffers in their own martyrdom. Bina stops talking and travels to Hungary to connect with her American birth father, the other two despair at the weakness of their father Josef, and the ways in which he treated Greta. Spring finally comes and Melina leads the three siblings to Budapest to seek traces of Greta’s past. Slowly their hibernation ends and family starts to blossom again. Running time: 01:56:00.

The dead track.jpg

The Dead Track (Italy) by Antonio Maciocco




Synopsis: Having lost his job, Tommaso returns to Sardinia. Desperate, he decides to put an end to it all by lying on the railroad tracks. However, it is a dead track, yet another line suppressed. The lonely and disconsolate boy meets Franco, a singular character who lives in an abandoned station. The man has a peculiar goal: to put the ancient family vineyard back on its feet, to go back in time and savour the wine of his childhood, a wine produced since the Nuragic era. Tommaso, initially hesitant, helps Franco out with his venture. Thanks to this meeting, the boy will learn to face life with more imagination and lightness. Running time: 00:23:55.

The Special Seat.jpg

The Special Seat (Japan) by Akira Okumura


Synopsis: YouTuber Ami shot an ASMR video of chewing sounds to entertain her fans. However, when she checked the video she shot, she found that there were noises in it that should not be there. The unpleasant noise, which contrast with the pleasurable, strikes her ears. Running time: 00:06:52.

What money can't buy.jpg

What Money Can't Buy (Italy) by Carlo Novaga




Synopsis: The story of the life of Ambrogino, an eight-year-old boy living in a caravan in the Milan suburbs with his grandmother Angela. The elderly lady tries to support her orphan grandson with her pension money, and while she appears in the eyes of the child to be a perfect grandmother, she actually has a gambling habit. Angela usually takes her grandson gambling with her because she thinks it will bring her luck. Social workers try intervening to protect Amborgino. Angela also doesn't believe in values of the educational institution and forbids the child to attend school, although he wants to go. The child seems destined to live in an eternal condition of familial, economic and social imprisonment; until a turning point occurs. Running time: 00:24:57.

No New Wave.jpg

No New Wave (Singapore) by Ziwei Yao




Synopsis: In the metropolitan filled with expired dreams, Ginny tries to find her path via different ways of life, but none of them deliver her to a pier of desirable future. Gone are the days where being yourself is being special, she is nothing but a tiny grain engulfed by waves washing up the shore. Running time: 02:14:41.

The Jennie Show - EP4- In the Hotpot Seat.jpg

The Jennie Show - EP4: In the Hotpot Seat (Taiwan) by Superdog, Kevin Lee


Synopsis: Jennie is an ABT—American born Taiwanese—who hails from Colorado. She is in Taiwan to connect with her roots, but it’s much more difficult than she had imagined. The Jennie Show highlights the nuances and subtleties of Taiwanese culture, which comes into starker focus when contrasted with Jennie’s American customs. From the very public garbage collection ritual to the skilled subtleties of family hot-pot conversations, to an unexpected detour at a convenience store, Jennie and her quirky pitfalls make the most attractive animation series. What is like being a third culture kid? The Jennie Show proves that it’s tough, fun, and definitely a good story to tell. Running time: 00:04:00.

Lola vs Ed.jpg

Lola vs Ed (Netherlands) by Lars Brinkman


Synopsis: A drag-thriller about Lola, a drag queen who after a night’s shift, gets in the cab with Ed, a quiet taxi driver. He is being confronted with his own prejudices and desires by the colorful Lola. The two lonely souls try to get closer to each other during a taxi ride through Amsterdam by night. Running time: 00:10:10.

LCAW - Heart Of Glass.jpg

LCAW - Heart Of Glass (Germany) by Nathan Ceddia


Synopsis: Music video for musician LCAW. Running time: 00:03:17.

Lights Out, Berlin!.jpg

Lights Out, Berlin! (Germany) by Dimitris Argyriou


Synopsis: Lights Out, Berlin! is a documentary about the effects of the covid-19 pandemic in Berlin's music & club scene. Berlin has always been a vivid and colourful city. A city that was full of inspiring spots, artistic opportunities, and loud nightlife. A city with a huge cultural background that was for two years on hold. Running time: 01:30:00.

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